Today's Date:
Monday, October 22, 2018
Sunday Services - 10:30 am
Sunday, October 28
10:30 am
All Saints

Sermon: River of Life
Anthem: River in Judea, arr. by John Leavitt
High Spirits: Sahayta, by Brian Allaway

Upcoming Events
Northumberland Orchestra & Choir Concert
Saturday, October 27
7:30 pm

David Newland Northbound!
Saturday, November 3
7:30 pm

Live Album Recording

Our Mission Statement


Trinity United Church is a community of faith, gathered to experience and respond to God in worship, service and participation in the Christian life:

Through worship, to hear the message and mission of Jesus as revealed in the Biblical word and human experience.

Through service, to care for others, to seek justice and peace in the world, and to preserve the earth as a trust from God.

Through participation in the Christian life, to become aware of the power and action of God's love in human affairs.






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