Today's Date:
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Sunday Services - 10:30 am
Sunday, December 17
10:30 am
3rd in Advent
10 am Advent in the Chapel Rm. 220
10:15 Carol Sing in the Sanctuary
Sermon: Proclaim Our Witness
Handbell Quartet

Friday, December 22
7:00 pm
Service of Light & Hope
Please come for stillness, quiet music, candle light, thoughtful readings and scriptures that give hope and strength as we quietly celebrate the presence of the Light of the World in our midst. A reception will follow in the Reynar Room.

Sunday, December 24
10:30 pm
Christmas Eve Candlelight & Communion

Sunday, December 24
7:00 pm
Christmas Eve Family Service

Sunday, December 24
10:30 am
4th of Advent Christmas Eve
10 am Advent in the Chapel Rm. 220
10:15 Carol Sing in the Sanctuary.
Christmas Through the Centuries
Sacrament of Baptism

Sunday, December 31
10:00 am
Epiphany Sunday
Ryerson Hall
A multi-age service starting with brunch followed by worship.

Upcoming Events
Good Lovelies Christmas Concert
Sunday, December 17
7:30 pm

Tickets available at ZAP Records, Cobourg or,

Sunday Drivers - 2017

Steve Allen

Brian and Pam Rogers

Gord and Mona Mavin
905 373-4429

David Lester

Ralph and Norma Stoffers
905 372-5706

Seymour and Ida Barbour

Lori and Bill Wensley

Morris Tait
905 372-6700

George and Alma Beston
905 372-3552

Jane and Alisdair Gillespie
905 372-8558

Christine and Harry Vanhees
905 373-7358

Ron Swallow
905 373-4455


Mission Statement Trinity Sunday Drivers
Our mission is to demonstrate the hospitality and love of the congregation and staff of Trinity United Church by driving to church those who need a ride on Sunday mornings. Our goal is to be friendly, helpful, patient, reliable, punctual and understanding. A criterion is that we all have a current Ontario Driver's License and all drive with ease and confidence


Our Policy
Trinity United Church Cobourg Sunday morning Drivers shall drive residents of Cobourg who call us, requesting a ride to a regularly scheduled service. Passengers must be able to walk to the vehicle get into the seat of the vehicle walk from the vehicle to the pew in church, unaided, with or without the help of a cane of walker. Drivers are not permitted to lift or pull a passenger, or to supply support when a passenger is walking.

Since drivers are not trained in lifting, such assistance would be unsafe for both passenger and driver.





Trinity United Church
284 Division St.
Cobourg, ON K9A 3R1


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