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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Sunday Services - 10:30 am
Upcoming Events
Congregational Spaghetti Dinner
Saturday, January 26
Ryerson Hall

Annual Budget Meeting
Sunday, February 3

There will be a meeting of the congregation immediately following the service to hear the report of the Finance Division and approve a budget for 2019.

Northumberland Orchestra and Choir Concert
Saturday, February 9

Let's Move Let's Dance Share a love of music with your children. A family friendly concert. Tickets available online or at Victoria Hall Box office.

Celebration Gifts Program




Are you looking for a way to give or receive a truly meaningful gift for a birthday, wedding, birth, anniversary, confirmation, baptism or in remembrance?

Are you celebrating an important event yourself?

If you are a member of the Trinity community celebrating an important day, why not ask your friends and family to give to something close to your heart? Or if your loved ones are celebrating, consider giving a gift in their honour to commemorate the day.

The Trinity Celebration Gifts program allows anyone to direct a gift to Trinity in honour of a special occasion. Celebration Gifts contribute to the work and mission of Trinity United Church here in Cobourg and in the wider world.

A personalized acknowledgement will be sent to the person in whose honour the gift is given, and you will be comforted in the knowledge that this is one gift that will really make a difference!

Ready to give a Celebration Gift?

Please use either the printable form or the online submission form:

Printable Donation Form

Online Submission Form

Want more information or prefer to donate in person? Call 905-372-7911 or drop by the church office at 284 Division Street, Cobourg.





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